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Zhanna Friske

Zhanna FriskeZhanna Friske modelling appearance, is always more tremendous looks. Admirers of the singer, looking on her frank decolleting orders, fondly believe, that she gives special attention to a dress.

However in often interviews Zhanna Friske has challenged this statement. - I shall tell on a secret, footwear - my secret passion, - has noticed Zhanna Friske.

- I equally comfortably feel and in slippers on 11-centimetric spike heel, and in sports sneakers. In a daily life I give preference to the second variant is more often, and the stage is always heels. And I adore them!

The footwear on heels can change gait, feeling and to add necessary to the woman note of impudences , therefore I always speak: heels - the best friends to girls . And if I rise a choice: fashionable boots on a flat sole or footwear on unstable spike heel, I always choose the second.

Not without reason Zhanna Friske among the favourite films Moscow to tears names Vladimir Menshova''s picture does not trust which heroine spoke, that most of all in men of her the foolish footwear irritates.

Only Zhanna Friske has understood, that the footwear is not less important and for image of representatives of the weaker sex. The footwear, bags, black trousers and white shirts - them never happens much.

The most interesting shoes makes d, and the most tremendous heels at Sergio Rssi - counts Zhanna Friske. Zhanna Friske asserts: Sneakers is conveniently. But the sports footwear to me does not go at all. Basically it is not important, that on you it is dressed on, the main thing - to have well-groomed hair, the healthy complexion, expensive boots and an expensive bag.

With opinion which has stated Zhanna Friske difficultly will not agree. And here on the account of that the sports footwear to her does not go - that fans of a celebrity so at all do not consider.