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Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne WestwoodVivienne Westwood was born in 1941 in Glossop in Derbyshire, where its parents has main post office. At age 17 years she together with the family has moved in London, where has finished the pedagogical college and was taught one semester in artistic school in Harrow. 

Has changed the surname, leaving married for manager of the ballroom Derek Westwood, gave birth the child and worked in school by tutoress. But not accidentally Vivienne Westwood have rewarded also known as "queen of the scandal" - a decorous life was not its the element. At the beginning initially 1970-h has occurred portentous for Vivienne Westwood meeting with student, under study history art, - future is an inspiration stiletto punk and producer of the scandalous famous group "Sex Pistols" Malcolm Maclaren, with which V. Westwood was together 13 years. 

He became its "spiritual father", having aroused interest to occupation by design. Vivienne Westwood and Maclaren in 1971 have opened the shop of the cloth on Kings Roud in Chelsea. They one of first have felt the sundown of the era hippie and started to search for the new styles, inspiration youth subcultures and natural street mode. 

In 1974 boutique the rename in "SEX", and "rubber cloth" was on sale in this shop and cloth in stiletto "punk". With 1981 Vivienne Westwood creates the collections of the cloth under its name, participating at london week pret-a-porte, with 1983 - in parisians show. In 1981 its boutique she rename in "The end of the world". Instead of street mode addressed to art roof and raged the transformation of the history suit. 

In 1980-e gg. collections V. Westwood generated new styles in vogue: "New romantics" (with use the soviet symbology), "Pirates" 1982 in collection "Unsociable person" and "Vagrants" 1982 appeared the style "rags and holes". In decennial event mastery luxurious classicists and prestigious marks Vivienne Westwood demonstrated the collections-travesties on fashionable cloth: seams outward, tears and licentious loops, hats from sackcloth, decorated feather, hairs beside models were stained dirt. 

In 1984 she has opened the second shop in London under name "Anguish on dirt". In 1982 Westwood has shown underclothes (bras), which were put on over blouses, having begun hereunder trend of the conversions of the underclothes In 1987 Vivienne Westwood to reveal collection with travesty on royal mantles and scottish suit, which demonstrated the dishevel plumps woman with smudged on face makeup and with tattoo on shoulder. 

They dress were in bodices, reminded old-fashioned corsets, short small skirts from plaid and loafers on wooden platform. For provocation, the travesty and attempts at on abutment of the mode not all noticed masterly cut of the models, shifty decorating, perfect performance and that unlike models many designer-mans these belongings decorate the woman. Not accidentally in 1990 and 1991. 

Vivienne Westwood was named " The best designer of the year" in Britain. The longing to shocking behaviour, scandalize travesties on traditions Vivienne Westwood has carried in their own collections of the cloth, which demonstrates with 1981 (the company is created in 1978), with 1983 - in Paris. 

Its collections quite often generated the new trends in vogue 1980-h gg. In 1998 was created joint venture at participation of the japanese company "Itochu" for moving goods on the market USA and Japan, which creates the collections under mark "Gold Label" (the cloth of the class "lux"), "Red Label" (pret-a-porte for youth), "Man" (the male cloth), "Anglomania" (the everyday cloth in stiletto unisex).