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Footwear dynasty Versace

Footwear dynasty VersaceGianni Versace S.p.A - an italian company, founded in 1978 Gianni Versace, which concerns with the production and sale fabric and cloths. After death Gianni Versace in 1997, its sister Donatella Versace, occupied job title of the vice president, became the director on design, but senior brother Santo Versace - a managing directors of the House of the mode. 

At present Donatella checks the most an asset to companies; her daughter Allegra, single heiress Versace, prepares to take the active participation in deal of the companies. The first boutique Versace was opened in 1978 on milanese to street Via della Spiga and has immediately conquered popularity. Versace today - one of leading world houses of the mode, which develops, delivers on the market and spreads under different brands Versace Group cloth, accessories, perfumery, make-up and home furniture of the high class. 

In department style to companies Versace occupied designers and stylists, united in commands. Under clear management creative director Donatella Versace each command works on determined line or mark to product. The House line main of the mode is Gianni Versace Couture, which is presented by cloth, jewellery decorations, for hour, perfumery, beauty treatment and subject of the interior of the class "hay-and" or manual fabrication. 

Traditionally for Week of the high mode in Milano occurs show only this lines, however at the last years tradition was broken. The author's charge to this lines can cost around $10,000, but suits - an order $5,000. Donatella Versace itself manages preparation Gianni Versace Couture and thinks up the mass a garment and accessory. Many accessories and subjects of the interior are licensed company Rosenthal and other known companies and carry on itself branded scene of the Medusa and/or Greek motives. 

The issue to lines "from couturier" Atelier Versace was discontinued because of small volume of sales and collapse on the market. Versace Collection, Versace Jeans Couture and Versus - a license lines with crossing motive. The cloth has a features to lines Gianni Versace, but the main stress is done on trends of the concrete season. Often these lines and are released by other companies, which closely co-operate with Versace Group. 

Versace Collection is calculated on more get younger auditorium, than the main lines, as well as more available different layer of the population. This collection has changed Versace Classic season "springtime/summer 2005." and became the attempt to dispose of non-central of the image Versace by means of combination different line cloths, produced company. In 2005 production collection Versace Intensive stopped on the same reason and Versace Young. 

Versace Jeans Couture, line of the cloth for everyday life, concentrates on unofficial form of the cloth: high-classes jeans and classical shirts with drawing Gianni Versace, which are relatively available. The Line of such cloth spreads through 56 butyls and shop, as well as through 1800 multibrands of the points of the sale and internet-shops. 

Versace Sport - a cloth and accessories for active lifestyle. The name of the mark is often inflicted on shirts. Versace Precious Items, brandy, under control Gianni Versace, releases the watch, jewelry embellishment and written accessories. The qualitative watch and jewelry are made in Switzerland, but written accessories - in France.