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Vanda Ferragamo

Vanda FerragamoVanda Ferragamo chairman board of directors and president "starry shoe parlor" Salvatore Ferragamo did not be going to be a magnate and dreamed of calm life housewife. Now her 85 years, beside it six kids, thirty grandsons and 450 shops on the whole world. 

When in 1960 its husband, inventor of the light tank Salvatore Ferragamo, die from cancer, she remained one with kids on hand and with company, beside which was not a leader. It happened to choose: sell inheritance or take care of him. The signora Ferragamo has chosen second: she became to rule the company and family iron hand (the truth, hidden in velvet glove). "This decision was given me with work, - she speaks.
- On the one hand, I wanted to save that has done the husband, but with other - I not to had the remotest conception about that, what control the company. Vanda Ferragamo has entered exactly so, what follow. "That I, not having special formation, has got up at the head to companies, for Italy more naturally, than for any other country. After all here very strong idea to nepotism, - she tells. - a company is simply identified with family, she is sent as blood kinship". 

Less predictable was a success Vanda Ferragamo: from small company, doing at day at the average 350 pairs footwear, Ferragamo changed in producer of the cloth, perfumery and accessory with annual turn in 575 mln. Ferragamo as before remains the one-hundred-percent household business and ranks along the most largest quotient of the italian companies such as Missoni, Marni, Zegna and Versace. 

The apart from Vanda leading positions in companies occupy else eight members to families Ferragamo. Her son Ferruchcho - a general director Salvatore Ferragamo and holding company Ferragamo Finanziaria SpA. The second son Leonardo controls the belong to family by network lux hotels Lungarno. The daughter Jovanna - a vice president холдинга, its sister Fulviya leads the subdivision, concerning with accessory. 

The son Massimo stand at the head Ferragamo USA, and only senior daughter Salvatore and Vanda - Fyamma - single, who has have time to work with father, - has died from cancer in 1998. But in the interim in company came the three grandson: son Ferruchcho James manages the branch on production feminine leathers product, son Fyamma Diego di san Juliano - a personal assistant Ferruchcho, but daughter Fulviya Angelica Viskonti - a marketing manager.
"Much it is important to give the children to different job titles, - speaks Vanda. - And in such business, as our, for this there is all possibility". Since signora Ferragamo will soon come out of business, which will move over to hands of the following generation, appears the question: will be able company to stand firm before onslaught of the large groups? Or, as Pucci and Fendi, Gucci and Bottega Veneta, will is sold? "When my husband die, I offered to sell to company. 

This much irritated, - speaks Vanda. And adds: - At presently nothing do not change, we are going to in the same way firmly to keep the business in their own hand". She tells on all this, sitting in deep easy chair in london calve Dorchester, where she has arrived to take part in inaugurations show baby ballet. Ferragamo emerges the sponsor of this action, however, either as many other project: from camps Hole in the Wall (for children with serious diseases - a charitable project of the known actor Poll Nyman. 

One of these camps was recently open in Italian. - "Friday") before charitable organization Children in Crisis, founded duchess Yorkskaya, and YUNISEF - a baby fund UNO. In family Ferragamo always expected that children will go on foot father; according to Vanda, this not even it was discussed. "Certainly, they knew that will work in Ferragamo, - speaks she. - 

They veins this, they constantly about this thought". Itself Vanda Ferragamo did all to train in children feeling to families. She in the same way, as previously its spouse, each day arrived home to eat with детьми. Presently, certainly, a great deal changed, children "strewn on the whole world and so in a complicated way be going to together. Massimo - in America, I with James here or in Florence; Fulviya - in Milano. The youth in the morning goes in school, but daytime concerns with the sport". 

In powerfully grow to companies (presently she is presented in 55 countries and was one of the first fashionable Houses, leaved on chinese market; recently Ferragamo has noted ten-year jubilee of stay in China by show in pekinese Forbidden City) much it is difficult to save site checking. "To control the company, it is necessary all time to be in her, all time to think about her and look, as", - speaks Vanda.