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Julia Savicheva and Skechers

Ulia Savicheva and SkechersThe participant "Eurovision-2004", russian performer Julia Savicheva will become the person to advertising campaign of the shoe mark Skechers, find oneself thereby in company Britney Spears and Christina Agilera advertised this footwear earlier.
"I love all youth and atheletic, but therefore consented to this offer it is enough quickly, - speaks Savicheva. - pleasantly advertise that likes most". "Julia is a bright modern performer, - considers the project manager Skechers Valeria Sidorenkov. - Her scenic image ideal matches with image marks and its spirit. 

On it fashionable and perfect style in cloth and bright creative activity. This she positively influences upon shaping the excellent taste beside youth in our country. We try to make the most its energy, talent and style for moving the mark Skechers". 

According to Sidorenkov, the agreement with Julia Savicheva is signed for six months, but Skechers already are thinking of on that to its prolong.