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Many-coloured slippers

The catalogue shoe broad gamma colour 
In present season 2008 be in the lead the variety a colour. The shoes - always were and will that subject of the charm, which needs in each season. So summer 2008 has prepared the womans of fashion such color gamut, as not re-read. 

Yellow shoesYellow shoes - a peak of this season. The yellow - one of the most bright colour of the spectrum so he always attracts attention, grant joy, lightness, charging optimism and cheerfulness. He is associated with sun, - such bright, sparkling and warm. The nature did not scrimp, creating subjects yellow tone and having scattered them on the whole light. The yellow shoes - a sign of the unexcelled taste. 
Green slippers Green slippers - not more attractive, than yellow. This colour shoe derives from merging blue and wanted, herewith complementary the quality that and the other. Hence appears the quietness and stillness. In green always mortgaged life possibility, he does not possess acting in outside of energy, but contains in itself potential energy - does not rest, but reflects the internal tense condition. So green slippers will splendid look at oneself in club, bar, dance floor . 
Red slippersRed slippers - a sign might, breakout, will to victory. The woman, who dresses the red shoes forces to grow circumspect at dangers, symbolizes the passion, agitates the passion. The red colour - always practical and does not love to go around yes around. Put on the red slippers possible then if you want to attract attention a majority surrounding and conquer their heart. 
Blue slippersBlue slippers were fashionable always. The woman, who wanted to remain in memories men - always dressed the blue slippers. They a dizzy. The blue colour becalming. He promote physical and mental to debilitation, creates atmosphere to safety and confidences. The blue slippers - a sign to assiduity of the woman, housewife.