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Svetlana Bevza

Sveta BevzaFootwear of Svetlana Bevza
Svetlana Bevza - is a ukrainian designer of footwear and clothers. The fashionable brand BEVZA is founded by summer 2006. The designer Svetlana Bevza, has released the successful collections of the cloth and footwear submitted for Ukrainian Fashion Week. The début collection 'Upstairs season springtime-summer 2007, submitted for UFW (Trade Mark Defile), the first has demonstrated aristocratic minimalism - intellectual, ambitious, inimitable clear style. 

The Inspiration to collections have served favourite book - 'Love Story' Erik Sigal (1970) and film on of the same name scenario. In collections was all - wholeness, terseness, expressive serious handwriting and, the main, correspondence to leading european trends! The strict cut, geometric, occasionly alogical to lines, color contrasts, cult boiler dress. 

The line footwear BEVZA with use high-quality material such as sea eel, black and light pony in combination with white and titanium kidskin is recognized best designer's line footwear amongst ukrainian brands. The name to collections 'Upstairs in translation with english means upstairs and is certain perfectionists motto proprietress and designer brand Svetlana Bevza

The longing to perfection in all, thirst of the expression of the talent and faith in success have resulted in to so successful beginning of the business. The turned to futurism second collection season fall-winter 2007/2008 (the Ukrainian week of the mode - Fresh Fashion)- not about that that will someday, but about that that future has already approached. The strong woman of our days does not prove that can live as her please - she lives! 

On podium reigns the element of the tranquillity of the cool transparent light: white-blue and white cashmere, silk tone by light steels, grey knitted fabric; the effects of the glow and cool heat in tissues, elements by decoration skin of the crocodile and varnished kidskin, futuristic silhouettes; the gloves. And once again hit - a footwear - on this once small shoes for snow queen are executed from white and dark-grey of the patent leather, silhouette of the heel behind reminds the blade, volume in combination with refinement elevate and slenderness. 

The result - and this collection Svetlana Bevza occupies the honourable place amongst most trends.