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Stefano Gabbana

Stefano GabbanaThe footwear Dolce&Gabbana 
D&G, new fashionable winnowing from Italy, has captivated the imagination even the most strict judges of the mode. Stefano Gabbana was born In Milan, Italy, November 14 1962. Simply strangely, as these two designers has reduced the fate. 

D&G - always new since their style original, extreme and inherent only him, however his contents is changed at the speed of light. Most influential american customers, italian and foreign press consider D&G only temporary phenomena. They very young, - speak many. But this nowhere near has not disturbed D & G to pet of such celebrities as: Demy Mur, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Pond scum Terner, Gvinet Peltrou and others D & G present the new generation in the world of the italian mode, they had much not easily, since, in this sense they, solitary. 

The blend material, technician, styles, ages - a main line garb from D&G. The eclectic has done their pet presses and idol of the stars. Already in 80-h D&G have sharply felt future, prone to abandon to rules and all muddle. Their style - a style 90-h years. At time, seems that designers are repeated, but this whole only first impression. The models D & G easy to hear on flexible line, corset and buste, black colour in leopard spot, strip. 

At the beginning initially 90-h designers returned to patchwork skirt and bound shawl hippie. In 94-m started to research the subjects "mob" 30-h years - an band suits with white chemise. In 95-m, the charter from formless and sexless tatter of the epoch ganga, they have brought on proscenium neatly combed, genteel lady in decorous suit with branch three fourth. The style lady-like has conquered the world. In 98-m designers have transformed the pious sician in cybernetic woman, having supplied her herewith all attribute its stiletto. 

The young designers have said: 'womens body'. The Coco Chanel was not right, when has said that men not capable to prototype the cloth for woman. 

The youth line D & G is really became the uniform a youth. Themselves they consider the antiminimalists and lament that maximalism has abandoned the modern mode. They love shock public, they like all overweening, beating through edge.