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Snezhana Nekh

Sneshana NekhThe footwear Snezhana Nekh 
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1976, June 9 - Snezhana Nekh was born in russian city Vyatka in family of the chemist and tutoresses 
1981 - a family has moved in Armenian in Krym. 
1996 - has moved in Kiev. 
1997 - in Snezhana was born daughter Masha. 
1999 - has made the first collection a footwear for showing the designer to Lily Pustovit. 
2000 - has opened in Kiev design-cool. 
Snezhana Nekh - a designer male , feminine footwear and bags. The designer works more than 7 years on the market of the mode of the Ukraine. Snezhana Nekh this first Ukrainian designer, which aside from their own two collections footwear per annum haves time to put on shoes the models for participation in Ukrainian Fashion Week other designer. 

Snezhana Nekh possible to name the lawmaker fashionable footwear in Ukraine. All are a last hits of the labour Snezhana you see in new clip of the Ukrainian stars. The beauty and quality footwear from trademark  "Snezhana Nekh" have valued not only stars, but also people having good taste and valuing comfort footwear. The bags which sewed Snezhana Nekh differ the incredible quality and comfort of the forms. 

Even the most simple bag from soft skin never will lose the forms because of special technology sewing. In each pair footwear and each bag Snezhana Nekh puts the bit its showers. This not only designer's work with material their colour and characteristic of the skin, but also manual painting or coloration. Once upon a time seen footwear or bag from "Snezhana Nekh", you never will forget that energy and good which carry her "works of art ". 

Once upon a time having dressed footwear from designer Snezhana Nekh you do not want its remove even before sleep. The high quality, beautiful strong material, the individual approach to each pair footwear - here is synonyms of the working the trademark "Snezhana Nekh".