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Women's boots

women's footwearWomen's boots. atalogue 
The choice fashionable and suitable boot for autumn and winters - a deal composite, but very pleasing. The main, about than it is necessary to remember put out in shop - that on peak of popularity - your taste. All that likes you - likes and others, the main to select the correct combination. In present winter season fashionable high boots with high heel and simply without it, regardless of that, will this brad or platform. The popular jackboots in past season not powerfully deleted from turnover and are an more universal footwear, than seems at first thought. 

female footwearTheir possible carry on thick pantyhose or narrow trousers, with shorts or mini-skirt, free charge-sweater or strict charge-case. For all that such feminine boots protect from chill and visual do the legs infinitely long. The possible choose the model with lacing, on brad and platform, cover as hose or with broad flare, and, certainly, suitable models on flat sole. Practically in any collections are found and traditional, classical women's boots from smooth of the skin calm tone by length before knee with firm low heel rather big diameter. 

boots womenIf such boots seem quite boring, pay attention to unusual processed skin or interesting decor. The following season also is indicative of rebirth fetishistic stiletto. The actual footwear on brad, boots above knee and tightly enveloping rubberised women's boots without clasp.

The main of the detail of the decorating: heel-brad and plural strips. The height not less important - must be uncommonly high platforms and simply dizzy heels. The primary colors comprise of itself red and black; though possible meet and decorating under velvet, introduce something from stiletto of the woman-vamp and Gothic. 
women's winter footwearThe popular past in winter boots before knee in this season "reach the new heights": on show some known designer were notice boots length above knee.

The broad, liberally sitting models differ the ease and outwardly not catchy while enveloping boots with cross lacing possess certain fetishistic by attractiveness.
"The zest" this direction is a decorating of the top of the boot: rubber-band broad cuffs, upper lapels, neat decorating from itch young sheep. 
women's boots 2009
The interesting novelty winter footwear become all the manner of cuffs, carryings and covers, like that that are put on cowpuncher over trousers for protection from ointment about side of the horse. 

So named "chaparajos", fastening to loafer and creating illusion of the boot, offer many designers. 

Such designers as Betty Jackson and Carolina Herrera simply add to loafer long internal carryings, but Sportmax similar effect creates by means of stratifications material. 

Such women's boots look the refined all and possess the certain love of freedom, interest to extraordinary. They give certain confidence in itself and will winnow the wind of the change. 

high boots winter 2009
The loved many ankle boots in this season become broader and spacious, in higher part particularly, which must not tightly adjoin to leg. Such are a known designers as Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vutton and Marni will add this trend large importance and predicts greater popularity on the market broad shoe before roes or ankles. Such a boots particularly good with thick opaque pantyhose. 

The majority of the models has a direct form broad from ankle before top. Also, follows to remember that in vogue hitherto remained the lacquered boots, all the manner of varnished combinations. But remember that such material footwear suits only for carrying in winter before 5 - 7 degrees below 0. For snow wet weather such footwear can cracking under minus2 even. 
women's boots
The designers continue their own unusual experiments, transforming footwear in present work of art. 

Most often absolutely impractical, but invariably attracting attention women's boots - a worthy ground for persisting shoe fetishists to renew its shoe collection and already after certain time with pride to demonstrate that you has several pairs autumn-winter season 2008-2009.