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Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore FerragamoToday this name Salvatore Ferragamo is associated with chic and brilliance show haute couture. The little who knows that great designer began its quarry by simple shoe-maker in naples shoe quarter. 

The finish with shoe instrument Salvatore learnt else boy of eight. At 15 years he has left in America, in Santa-Barbara, where its senior brother kept the shoe shop and where he has having continued to sharpen its skill. The much years after already famed Ferragamo wrote in their own memoirs: "I was born to be a shoemaker. Probably, I him was in previous life". 

Salvatore Ferragamo always followed once upon a time start: persisting footwear possible to sew only manually. He naive dreamed to put on shoes all people on planet in created specially for them footwear, which has emphasized their individuality and belonged to only they. 

The maestro did not tire to experiment in choice material for fabrication and decorating footwear. He decorated the loafers a diamond and pearl, golden and silver, strass and lace, ostrich feathers and sea algae, on the inside decorated their skin of the leopard, python and antelopes. The idea one of the cult models has prompted him met riverside fisherman. 

From it Salvatore has recognize of toughness and plasticity nylon fishing line and same has in the night sutured the first pair transparent nylon shoe on wedge-shaped heel. The classical models footwear were made on outline Ferragamo, for the first time presented public famous Hollywood cinema divas - a loafers on light tank and platform for Carmen Mirandy, narrow loafers on flat sole for Greta Garbo and Marlen Ditrih, brads-stilettos for Marilyn Monroe . 

The apropos, exactly in loafer from Ferragamo Marilyn imprint in storied frame from film Bill Uaylder "Itch of the seventh year", in which wind from ventilation lattice tube blowing about its white skirt. The threshold of the shoe workshop Salvatore not once transgressed the drumsticks of the best movie actresses of its epoch - a Odry Hepbern, Sofi Loren, Ingrid Bergman, Genies Lollobrijid and others.