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Rustam Adyukov

  The footwear Rustam Adyukov 
Rustam Adyukov - a famous russian designer footwear, was born in 1977 in Lower Novgorode. The special designer of the formation by Rustam no. He has finished the artistic school. The professions of the stylist-esthetician was Trained. Two courses were taught on faculty of management and management. 

In 2001 has solved even so to concern with the fabrication a footwear - this idea gestated long ago. The forerunner (wooden sabo) landlady one shop has taken beside it as exhibition - for shop window. She has got the positive resonance that inspire Rustam on the most further work. The footwear Rustam Adyukov comparable to art objects, from contemplate which get the aesthetic enjoyment. Each pair has its subjects. 

For instance, models "Ocean bottom" are executed in blue-blue palette, "Rally" - in orange-black. For fabrication footwear Rustam Adyukov uses the non-traditionals material and old time technology: thread on birch drip, caucasian nut, bokaut (bombay ebony), willow wickerwork, tapestry, embroider in satin stitch , fedockinckya and palehckya painting, hohlomckya patterns and of yaroslavlskya enamel, of rostovskya enamel. 

On creation one such pairs leaves from two months before half year. As designer footwear, Rustam Adyukov presented Russia on Moscow exhibition footwear in 2004, where has occupied 1-oe place in nomination "Vanguard". Also in Paris designer has won on exhibition MIDEK at August 2005. In France was on acceptance Ministry of Cultural at January 2006., where presented the interests to Russia. 

In Germany (g.Dusseldorf) participated in international exhibition GDS at February 2006. Today there is its workshop beside Rustam Adyukov on sew footwear, where work the artists of the different directions. More exactly, create the art. The old time crafts come alive in unusual model, connect with new technology, gain other value. Or priceless. On one models sabo imprinting print luxurious auto, embroidered in technology manual satin stitch, and beside graceful varnish fedockinckya miniature embroideress. 

As it is spoken, feel the difference. Here Rustam Adyukov offers its interpretation icon painting, in which is tracked relationship with contemporaneity. The Bright image - a monk-di with nimbus on head. According to Rustam he does not do the accent on russian folklore only, "simply occasionly want to show, as we too not bast pointer-threaded. But else want to reveal something its in vanguards direction and try to synthesize this with public motive. 

Do the European mode and carry her in Europe there is no point. You must personify something national, import its coloring."