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Roger Vivier

Roger VivierThe footwear to Roger Vivier
Roger Vivier (1913-1998) French designer footwear. Was born in Paris, learn in School graphic arts. Work the Roger Vivier began on shoe factory, belonged to family of its friend. Since 1926 began to sew the footwear on order for stars of the bandstand, continuing prototype the footwear and for industrial production. 

In 1936 m has founded the own deal, open atelier with shop. The way long and drudgery to Roger Vivier has gained popularity in the world of the mode and began to develop the collections a footwear on order of the large companies "Pine", "Bally", "Salamander", "Miller", "Delman", "Terner". 

For Elsa Skyaparelli Roger Vivier feign footwear on platform in chinese stiletto. The Roger Vivier has developed its unique style, original sculptural form, used the unusual material, but in merit decorative decorating used the embroideries, jewels and fur. To celebration of the coronations Elizabeth English designer to Roger Vivier created the sandals from golden skin with heel, ruby. 

А in 1955  Roger Vivier feign mischievous surprise for woman of fashion heel "shock", which was so powerfully cocked inside that seemed that he here is here is conks. Then feign heels brads, left in histories of the mode indelible trace. The Roger Vivier carried in mode ensemble stylized forms history and national footwear: loafers without backdrops XVIII age "mul", sandals on African motive, varied forms heel: "comma", "punchinello", "cancan", "ginol". 

The Roger Vivier has opened in Paris its shop. But through what that time designer ceased to concern with the High mode, concentrate on creation industrial collection.