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Roger Adams

Roger AdamsRunning shoes of Heelys of Roger Adams 
Each of us in the childhood dreamed to have wheels straight in a sole it boot. Roger Adams from Texas embody this idea in life. Roger grew in "rollers" family - his parents were an owners skeyt park. But he has solved not to go on footsteps of their own parents, has entered in university and became learns on professions of the doctor of the psychological sciences. 

Roger Adams
several years worked a doctor, but by the end of 90-h he has solved to change the sort to activity. Looking from the window of its building in California on rollers and skeytbordists, his has visitted the idea to insert the roller in sole usual running shoes. In this day Roger Adams created the prototype, which was tested neighborly boys. On the receipt all of necessary patents for protection of the invention was spent 2.In Christmas with 2000 on 2001, the first party roller running shoes appeared in the shops of the USA and was sold only for several hours! 

The roller running shoes are sold in 50 countries of the world. Todays, on the whole world on roller running shoes move more than 5 000 000 persons. Presently with the production running shoes company Heelys reads by a caster. HEELYS - a roller running shoes! Outwardly they nothing does not differ from usual fashionable running shoes, but if their crossover then in heels you see the rollers! 

Moreover rollers any time possible easy to change the special stubs! You does not need to carry with itself removable footwear and roller skates simultaneously, all that necessary - a stylish sac, which is fastened on belt by means of carbine or place in pocket to place there two rollers by diameter 35 mms or two stubs. Roger Adams has done the wonderful opening, which made happy and distressed the many parents. But all running shoes on wheel bring not only gladness, but also money expenses.