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Reebok Classics

Reebok ClassicsNew collection of Reebok Classics
In capsular collection Reebok & Christopher Shannon entered such models, as Exo-Fit and NPC, as well as Classic Leather and Workout, which have long ago gained the status "cults". For the first time jogging shoes Classic Leather and Workout were presented in 1983 and 1984 as footwear for aerobics. 

In the network of collection are also presented retro-models of the sportswear Reebok, executed, however, in updated design with provision for modern fashionable trend, and from material, chosen personally Christopher. 

The new capsular collection will become the part to main collections Shannon. Moreover, during show of all models will leave on podium in storied model jogging shoes Reebok Classics. Christopher Shannon has noted: "I consider that jogging shoes Reebok Classics - ideal, they never will lose its urgency. 

And I am lucky that I have happened to work on model jogging shoes with such rich atheletic historian. I am always inspired the study of the archive models of the sportswear and work great photographer that, in total, and has brought about cooperation with Reebok

Besides, Reebok - very british brand, and us unite one philosophy: we valued individuality and authenticity. Thereby, the whole my collection self-possessed in one stiletto". Roy Gardner, vice-president on marketing representation Reebok in Europe, has declared: "In their own collection Christopher tries to save the simplicity and purity line - that characteristically of and for line Classics. He has gained the reputation of the first-class master after completion of the college St else. Martin's". 

New collection of footwear Reebok Classics