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Peris Hilton - designer of footwear

Peris HiltonPeris Hilton will begin to release the own line a footwear. About this is already entered into agreement with group of the companies . "My purpose - create stylish and zany fashionable line with legs before head", - has said the heiress to network of the hotels. 

Peris already releases the perfume, embellishment and different other fashionable tricks. Josef Antebi - a new business partner Peris Hilton has notarized that to work with Peris - one pleasure and its company will try incarnation vision of the mundane lioness in reality. 

Besides Peris Hilton there is soon take part in futuristic fate-musical, where she will play the daughter of the magnate, hacked together condition on sale organ. On preliminary plan, the footwear, which designer emerges the mundane lioness, will come up for sale in 2008 already. 

In collections will are presented both loafers on high brad, and ballet slipper on flat sole. According to representatives to companies Antebi Footwear, in operation on line footwear Peris Hilton behaves courteous and suave. However this not single project Peris Hilton after leaving from prison. In american shop are already sold additional strand blond hair, designed Peris.