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Olga Sandulenko

Footwear of Olga Sandulenko 
The designer of footwear Olga Sandulenko works in Kiev with 1999. Exactly in this period designer graduate from technical school. The fascinating profession enabled to use itself and get the big experience in many branch shoe production such as fabrication dance footwear, special and model. 

The own design-cool opens In 2006 Olga Sandulenko on sewing evening, wedding and exclusive footwear. The client are a most different people, but most often address the girls, woman and book individual sewing wedding or natty footwear. Most often this brides, graduating or actors. Address also people with problem-solving leg or greater size footwear. 

The most small size feminine footwear, sew in aspic Olga Sandulenko was 32, but the largest - 44. The designer footwear Olga Sandulenko sew footwear individually, considering particularities of the legs and foots client, very professional and qualitative and the price on surprise for such work - not high! For instance, sew classical pump costs beside 200 u.e. In this price enters the material of the top and linings (all natural skin) and cost sew. 

The exit road to the customer for registration of the order and on trying-ons falls into cost of the work. What speaks Olga Sandulenko, mode today much democratic. In vogue sharp noses of the moderate length. The height and form heel the most different. The round noses also remain fashionable. But footwear with round nose not all "goes". The designer's of the decision will be only changed. As to year boot... 

The year natty lady's boot from textiles or fine chamois, suede or leather lace - very fashionable little thing of our cloakroom. I have advised the natty year boots an alumna, as addenda to fashionable today boiler charge. Sutured on the individual order lady's boot , will hide the defect and will be ideal to sit even on full drumstick. After all boots itself have its form, and they unlike slipper much aptly mask the natural defect in the form of the feminine leg. 

At the average such year boots alumna dispense from design-aspic Olga Sandulenko or bride in 400 u.e. The works Olga Sandulenko you could see in branded shop evening and wedding mode "Jona". Olga for a long time co-operates with this company. 

The footwear developed at November 2007 command design-aspic Olga Sandulenko for Mary Cherkunova, which presented the Ukraine on contest "Queen of the World 2007". For ukrainian Queen of the beauty were exclusive are made red leather boots with artistic entered by sole.