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Oleg Kondratiev

Oleg KondratievOleg Kondrat’ev concerns with the design a footwear since 1989. In due course Oleg Kondrat’ev bought the suitable footwear and remade her on its harmony. The design underworking, sole will sew, shoetree will change. The first enjoyed for itself, then - for friends. This track and has brought him to own shoe deal, model. 

In 1994 studio "KV-4" was created. The name was born the salon "Revlon" to the first showing. The show passed at participation model agency Elena Reshetova "Elite". Be based close creative alliance was formed for long years. Show all new collection passed this model agency at participation. 

With opening of the club "Planetarium" in 1991 were created forerunners footwear Oleg Kondrat’ev for dance support. This was a step to the further cooperation with dancer and actor night show-business. The regular customers studio Oleg Kondrat’ev become dancers not only St. Petersburg, but also Moscow and other city. Work begins In this time studio with star řîó-business such as "NOM", "Neon Boy", "Mister Small", "Hummingbird". The regular customers aspic became the group "Arrant Swindlers". 

The creative alliance arose since moment of the basis of the group and lasts on present-day day. The footwear sew in studio Oleg Kondrat’ev for collection such designer, as Vladimir Buhinik, Yanis Chamalidi, Elena Biondi and many others. Not only stars show-business are a client studio Oleg Kondrat’ev, boxer Nikolay Valuev also here not rare guest. 

The style, in which works Oleg Kondrat’ev - casual. This cloth and footwear for fashionable life in big city. At present, the studio of the designer continues the work with personage show-business and cinema, but aside from this, her door open for any wanting have in its cloakroom exclusive footwear, cloth and accessories.