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News of footwear

BotilionsAutumnal high overshoes 2008. The catalogue. 
Notwithstanding waiting expert, the predicted completion of the epoch glamour in shoe mode already in season autumn-winter 2008 - 2009, feminine high overshoes right, striking and brilliant. As before actual lacquer of the skin, black colour, high heels with platform and exquisite, bijouterie decor. 

Summer's high boots whiteThe summery boots. The catalogue boot summery 
New in vogue - a year boots. Their sewing from light material: jeans, pat, flax or from skin fine sort. The summery boots be perforated, with all the manner of cut, from band, often with opened by heel or toe by part. 

SlippersBlue, green, red, yellow shoes 
In present season 2008 be in the lead the variety a colour. The shoes - always were and will that subject of the charm, which needs in each season. So summer 2008 has prepared the fashion-conscious woman such color gamut shoe, as not re-read. Choose possible under any garb. 

Adidas Stella McCartneyThe stylish woman with Adidas 
Be to be stylish in new collection Adidas and Stella McCartney season Autumn-Winter 2008. Within the framework of unbelievably successful cooperation Adidas and Stella McCartney present the new collection of the season Autumn-Winter 2008, which newly throws call traditional atheletic silhouette and the forms, as well as offers else broader assortment of the feminine atheletic equipping. The discriminating particularity to unique line adidas by Stella McCartney is a combination the most latest technology adidas and unique stiletto Stella McCartney.