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Manolo Blahnik

Manolo BlahnikThe footwear Manolo Blahnik 
Manolo Blahnik was born in 1942 on Canary island, and all its childhood passed on fairy-tale picturesque island Tenerife, in city Santa Krus. His mother was an Spanish woman, but father - from Czechoslovakia by birth. On tale itself designer, all their own first skills of the needlework he has got from mother. 

Moreover, she and on this day speaks your mind and even sometimes emerges with critiques collection, created Manolo. The childhood of the boy passed on banana plantation, far from world fashion-capitals, however feeling stiletto and belief about authentic art he got each day due to its parent. 

Even at school age he easy distinguished the style Balenciaga from Yves Saint Laurent, knew all product El Greek and Velaskes and looked the films Viskonti and Kokto. The mother and father Manolo preferred to book the cloth beside the known tailor Madrid and Paris moreover future maestro always found more fascinating all that was connected with sew and trying-on of the cloth. 

However future designer was predestined not immediately. After completion of the school he went to Genevan university to study there right and literature. But in 1968 Manolo Blahnik moves in Paris and enters on faculty art in School Luvr. In free time from occupation future designer works the seller in one of the fashionable butyl. 

The teeny london shop Zapanta invites Manolo on work in 1970, and he without person of the fluctuations agrees and moves in capital of the England. On essences, with this little-known company exactly and began its way to creation the most famous and luxurious shoe mark in the world. In 1973 Manolo Blahnik, having seized with itself portfolio with outline, goes to New York. 

There he shows their own work an editor fashionable publishing, amongst which was authoritative and clear-eyed Diana Vreeland, which drawings of the young master liked most of all. She and has advised him to concentrate exactly on design footwear. The infused success, Manolo Blahnik finds its first business partner - an italian producer footwear, and soon they start the joint project. 

In 2007 Manolo Blahnik opens its first boutique in London. And becomes famous already after the first collection. The parallel with work on own label he develops the footwear for the known couturier. The first important customer became the House OSSIE CLARK. 

The thereafter about shoe master will hear whole fashionable Olympus, and in piggy bank brands, with which co-operated Manolo, get the groups of ten of the most known names, amongst which - PERRY ELLIS, CALVIN KLEIN, JEAN MUIR, ZANDRA RHODES, YVES St. LAURENT, CHRISTIAN DIOR, RIFAT OZBEK and many others. The firstly Manolo concerned with the design male footwear, but, on essences, he has left this venture already during making the first collection. 

Already then he has understood that feminine footwear more interesting, sexual and complex so and on this day he creates all new and new forms, striking their own admirer refinement line and fineness of the design. Manolo Blahnik known its perfectionism in work: he always remained "and sculptor, and engineer" their own collection. On length of the many years creative activity he not even allowed the thoughts about hiring on work the deputy, after all and on this day he checks each step of the production process. 

The Incredible love to work, striking energy and its branded eccentricity in making the collections from year per annum do the footwear from Manolo outside of modes. In spite of solid formation, Manolo Blahnik never learned the shoe deal, and, possible, due to this fact he capable to create on-persisting original, stylistic innovation and inimitable models. 

The graceful shoes with pointed toes on spike heel, transparent "soap dishes", opening nearly whole foot, - all these types footwear, seaming, existed always. But indeed exactly Manolo has raised them in rank cults in the early seventies. Not secret that occasionly in loafer from Manolo Blahnik happens to forget about comfort. However pleasure, which feel the woman, putting on this footwear, related erotic. 

But Madonna has once upon a time pronounced the history phrase: "Shoes from Manolo even better, than sex". The footwear created Manolo Blahnik, so famous that name of the designer often is used as nominal. Each knows that "manolos" - a pair exclusive and much road shoe. In America loafers from Manolo become uncommonly popular after leaving series "Sex in city": Kerri Bredshou, the known its passion to footwear, mentioned this mark so often that has raised it in rank cult. 

On length its quarries designer have got the ensemble of the awards, amongst which - Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA 1987), special bonus from Balenciaga (1988), Nieman Marcus Award (2000), La Aguja de Oro (the Golden Needle, 2001), as well as golden medal for services in art from King Spain Juan Carlos I (2002). 

On italian factory Manolo Blahnik in Parabyago is made whole 80 pairs at day since each of they expect the big handmade volume. The designer as before entrusts the traditional craft skill of its country so on its enterprise work the true connoisseurs of its deal. Blahnik as before does not be going to do the production mass, release the more available collections or try completely to satisfy the demand for its footwear. 

The limited amount of the produced models only emphasizes their exclusive and warms the desire the most known woman of fashion buy exactly these loafers. That creates Manolo Blahnik, - far from for all. And sensation to involvements to elite, which "is bought" together with each pair shoe, - one more secret, doing this mark stupendous known and wanted.