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Man's sandals

Man's sandalsMan's sandals - the integral part of a man's summer wardrobe would seem. In fact it is necessary to put shoes on in a maximum easy, free, open footwear in the hot summer.

But it is a lot of critics and analysts speak that it is necessary to think before to buy to itself a sandal of a man's cut. For the reasons not elegance.

Man's sandals photoOne insist on easy shoes, moccasins, others - is simple on slippers, but not barefoot persons. The third at all do not speak about possible type of footwear, and advise to not dress a sandal for they are in "minus - sheet" of female preferences.

Anyhow, it is a lot of men, have own opinion in this occasion, therefore man's sandals for them it is very important element of a wardrobe.

sandalsLet's analyse tendencies and types of possible sandals.

Man's sports sandals
Sports sandals basically are made with rubber or PVC a sole, with two textile or leather straps ahead and one behind. Carry such sandals under sports trousers, some kinds of jeans. But in no event, not on evening, in restaurants, cafe, bars, cinema, etc.

sandals for manMan's sandals classics
Classical man's sandals can be the most different - with a thin easy leather sole, either with rubber, the top also can be the miscellaneous - from one strip up to several tens. The main thing here - that such sandals suited you to the order.

In general, sandals can be carried with bridges, blinkers, jeans or sports trousers. Never, do not dress a sandal under classical orders. It looks not absolutely correctly.

Even the woman - fans of strict style - do not allow to dress to themselves under a strict classical suit open footwear.