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Maloles Miracosta-Antignac

Maloles Miracosta-AntignacShoes Maloles Miracosta Antignac. Collection
For the window gloomy autumnal rain, and seems, is supposedly withering has covered all world. However in the homeland of the designer footwear Maloles, in Alikante, presently shines the bright sun, and eat the paeliay. Maloles Miracosta-Antignac there is no need whomever to imitate, beside it its, not similar nor on who style, which have already be in time to on value to value the Odry Totu, Penelopa Krus, Kira Naytli and many other celebrities. 

Charming, bright, original boots, sandals and small shoes have decorated already not one pair starry legs. Earlier in collection Maloles were basically balletki, but now model row was renewed and footwear on heel and platform. Maloles, rotate in hand newcomer Blackberry, sits in encirclement of their own creations, and, sees the God, for possession them many fashionable women have returned all... 

On the following season designer will offer its admirer a balletki colour to fuchsias and celestial-blue small shoes on platform, footwear on string to light tank and models, executed from fabrics in bright peas. These belongings as soon as will become warm, will patiently wait their own landlady in butyl Le Form, Podium, Bosco di Ciliedgi - where they are usually sold in Moscow. 

The footwear Maloles Miracosta-Antignac  in general s for especial girl: sexual, but not aggressive, cosmopolitans and free from prejudice. Low dark-haired Maloles to want to question on all on light, but talk goes, certainly, about mode and its trend. We leave the springtime "on sweet" and speak of autumn and winter. "In winter we shall recall about stylish 80-h, - gives the forecast Maloles. - To us is returned exotic colour schemes and romanticism rock-n-roll". 

Urgency will not lose the high platform. The footwear of the winter can be shown several rough, but so only seems at first thought: we wait the hits to popularity of the gold skin and mass interesting, remembering details. "I culled the inspiration in creations Gans Christiana Andersen, - explains Maloles Miracosta-Antignac. - He amazing, he storyteller for adult". The springtime, according to designer, us fated to become the girls from magic country Oz. 

We get dressed in pastel and bright colour inspired the rampage a tropic and romanticism of the beaches Santa-Monica, here is added droplet of the metallic brilliance. We does not at cost "be griped" and inferiority complex, costs to express itself through that is put in the shoes on your drumstick, considers Maloles. Look on Keyt Moss, - calls she, - this girl will die well to look". 

But that the Russian girls? Will Die they are dressed? "About yes, - is brightened Maloles, - me much attract Russian. They opened, inquisitive, love the mode, not at all conservative. Go on Moscow Street - a present pleasure. See much interesting details, accessory, such, as this" (touches the key ring Dior on bag of the corresponded). "I not to should like to create the footwear for man, this so bored, - broadcasts dark Spaniard. - But possible, I shall do something for children". 

On question, possible name its girl itself from country Oz, Maloles Miracosta-Antignac much energetically nods and smiles. Here is already really, will not argue!