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Beth Levine and Herbert Levine

Beth LevineFootwear Beth and Herbert Levine 
Beth Levine was born in New York in 1914. She concerned with the journalism and advertisement previously, than beginning to work the model in shoe company Palter-Deliso, which shocked the public at the end 30-h, selling feminine loafers with opened anklets. 

In 40-e she worked in companies I.Miller at one time with David Evins. Beth always dreamed to devote the design a footwear, and after two years after she left married for businessman and designer footwear Herbert Levine in 1944, they have opened its own shoe company. Herbert more to have charge of commercial line of business, but Beth was a creative engine, think over the most bold, occasionly even mad models. 

In 50-h she created "unencountered" sandal from graceful wavy bands a plastic arts. One more its bold design was a model with heel from kid skin, which powerfully reminded the spool of the silver threads. In 1958 shop windows of the jewelry shop Tiffany in New York decorated the jewels and the shoes from Beth Levine, decorate designers feather. 

Amongst client, which regularly peeked in its cool on Manhattan, were such "pioneers of" mode as Halston and Babe Paley, Bette Davis and Barbra Streisand.. When Liza Minnelli was necessary the pair non-traditionals wedding shoe, she has gained the pair embroidered spangle pump from Beth Levine. Exactly about boot of the mark Levine sang Nensi Sinatra in its canto "These boots are made for walking". 

Beth Levine had no formal formation, but however was able to call to cooperation known master, who manually sliced the shoetrees and splendid combined so loved her exotic skins. She possessed the amazing ability to predict to trends, the first created the lay out strass of the pump, loafers-hose and vinyl boots стрейч as far back as begin 50-h, nearly on integer ten years earlier, than the whole rest world has turned attention on them. 

Beth & Herbert Levine constantly experimented with new material, ultrashammy, artificial herb "astropeat", skin of the frog and others. She created the footwear without top, which "fastened" to leg of the woman special flypaper. Levine have even removed the film, in which woman danced in such loafer without top. That their invention really worked, these loafers as well as have not been able to gain confidence buyers. 

In 1964, she invent aerodynamic become bolder model footwear on name "Kabuki", which created the illusion of the flight, giving woman sensation walking on air. The openness to stiletto prist-art has brought Levine to creation shoe in the manner of sports car or lamps Aladdin. The hereinafter Beth created the own mark - "Beth's Bootery", which though and was not such innovative in design, was intended for youth and has been able to save fashion even after 30 years. 

In 1967 Beth and Herbert Levine have got the award "Coty Award" for creation boot стрейч, but later they was awarded the bonuses Neiman Marcus award for contribution to development of the branches. Beth has left from business in 1976, and though companies anymore exists, their footwear still renders the significant influence upon modern shoe design, but many models become subject of searching for collector.