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Footwear of Laura Harring

Laura HarringThe popular american designer Stuart Weitzman created the next pair a footwear, which is called to catch the imagination not only its exteriors, but also beyond the clouds by cost: he offers all provided lover of beautiful sandals for 2 million dollars! 

The comprehensible deal that does not treat without jewels. In cooperation with jewelry company Le Vain, which exists already beside 500 years, Stuart Weitzman created the sandals of the silvery colour, which ornaments thread with diamond, ringed finger lucky proprietress this works of art. 

One more decoration these evening slipper serves the bracelet on ankle, consisting of large tanzanite, which are transfused all tone blue and blue. Each of these stone weighs 16 karats, but the total weight of all jewels on sandal forms 213 karats! Not surprising that these slippers 2 million dollars cost from Stuart Weitzman

Apropos, this already not first like project of the famous designer. In 2003 Stuart Weitzman with Oscar Hayman created one more ultra-expensive masterpiece to shoe industry - a red sandals, decorated 690 rubies. The price on this luxurious pair footwear has formed then beside 1,5 million dollars. 

This year on ceremony of the presenting to bonuses Oscar their was lucky to put on the star of the film "Mulholland Drive", actress Laura Harring.