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Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia SobchakThe scandalous blonde has made the exhibition own footwear. The 450 pairs worn footwear fashion-conscious woman were exposed on the general review in gallery "Vinoplant". Ksenia Sobchak has named the installation "History of one centipede" and make comfortable her with big share of the humour. 

The gallery long ago did not see such zooming of the visitors. The honored guests of the exhibition Ksenia Sobchak become many starry friends: restaurateur Arcadiy Novikov, composer Igor Krutoy, singer Dima Malikov, academician Sergey Kapica, authoress Oksana Robski, television anchorwoman Julia Bordovskih, mundane lionesses Polina Deripaska and Dasha Jukova. 

The singer Sergey Lazarev has named Ksenia Sobchak of genius, but television anchorman Juriy Lyubimov has advised her to begin to release its line a footwear. Eccentric Andrey Bartenev has declared: "That is presented here, only sketch to subjects Ksenia Sobchak footwear. 

Indeed, from its collections was got not one, not two, but integer 80 centipedes". Apropos, any one of art-object possible was gain in property. All the assets and earth from sale personal footwear Ksenia Sobchak is going to direct on necessities alumnus Pochinskiy psychoneurological of the boarding school in Smolensk regions.