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Running shoes. Sneakers

The sneakers - an unique thing: inherently, this product to evolutions three miscellaneous type footwear: spikes, football boots and basketball sneakers. Its generation they are obliged mode on amateur sport and active lifestyle. In english, whence, strictly, occurs the word "cross-country race", word "sneakers" is absent. 

There is fashionable footwear "sneaker" - canvas footwear on rubber move that is to say that beside us are identified the sneakers. The specialists consider that word this came up for everyday life in 1870. 

Sneakers ReebokThe collection sneakers Reebok 
So began Reebok... 
The first running "snickers" are obliged by its appearance on light britisher Joseph William Foster, shoemaker and fan harness racing from Bolton. For participation in competition for honour of its atheletic club "Primrose Harriers" in 1895 Foster has made the loafers with carnation, protruding from sole. 

The strictly speaking, this was a prototype spikes, rather then sneakers, but gradually created Foster household company "Joseph W. Foster & Sons" has increased its assortment and before not spikes atheletic shoe. 

The wearing on shoes in "Fosters" runner Alfred Shrab has installed in 1904 national record, held more than three groups of ten of the years, but in 1909 Foster contrive table measurements of the sizes to foots, translating its production with indsewing footwear on flow. 

After war in english football boots from Foster played even Moscow "Dynamo", but grandchildren of the inventor rename bequeathing granddad to company in Reebok (the name of the African antelopes), having pulled out this zoological word from encyclopedia. 

Sneakers AdidasThe collection sneakers Adidas 
The sneakers from Adidas... 
"Beast" name - Puma - gave its mark and the other designer atheletic footwear - Rudolph Dassler. His company too began with household enterprise in german borough Hercogenaurah, where he with brother Adolph, father and other relative awl this fashionable footwear "on knee", in kitchen its full-grown. 

The deal brother has begun in 1920, after the first world: Adolph, or Adi, liked drive in football, but football boots was not. In 1924 business, begun with the first vapour footwear, changed in "Company brother Dassler", which was fated soon after the second world, in 1948, disintegrate on two - already mention Puma and great Adidas: Adi have constituted this name of its shortened name and the first letters to surnames. 

The year after light has seen famous "three strips" Adidas, but footwear from Puma has decorated the of the same name ravenous cat. That from sincere fraternal hostility, that from considerations "black PR" brother become diversionary to feud. 

Sneakers NikeThe collection sneakers Nike 
The sneakers from USA... 
The history sneakers in the New World began with basketball. In 1936 basketball player Charles Taylor was divided with manufacturer by Marquis M. Converse its problem - an absence footwear, which well kept the ankle. The high sneakers on rubber sole with rubber cape become first novelty of the mark Converse All Stars. 

But, what is found in sport, wins not one, earlier dashes out, but one, quickly runs: in 70 years company Nike, named their own creator - a student of Oregon university and its trainer - by name Greek to goddesses of the victory droop, has overtaken and has outstripped Converse. The worldwide now known branded "check mark" Swoosh - a logotype to companies - has drawn certain student, got for work $70. 

Sneakers ConverseThe collection sneakers Converse 
Reebok became the first fashionable mark especially women's sneakers. The womans themselves have done its choice, having transformed atheletic footwear in everyday. During 11-day strike transport worker in New York working ladies throw pumps on high heel, have put on shoes the sneakers and on foot went to offices. 

The strike terminate, but mode remained. In 1982 Reebok, which Adidas and Nike have pretty crowded with business-Olympus, has caught new winnowing, having released women's models Freestyle and Princess for occupation by aerobics, child feminist Jane Fond. 

The sneakers has valued infant terrible british mode Vivien Westwood, and already in following, 1983 on march fashion show in Paris has released on podium models in cloth from its collection "Witches" and feminine Reebok. This was only first swallow. At the end 90-h sneakers started to do even such super fashionable and super on the way of the mark, as Prado and Gucci. 

The sneakers to the right the world. The world fashionable footwear ...