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Karl Franz Bally

Karl Franz BallyFootwear Karl Franz Bally
In XIX age in swiss hamlet Shonenverd be lives two brothers Bally - Karl Franz and Friz. In 1847 father brother dead, having left by him in inheritance small enterprise on production of the rubber tapes and belt. In 1850 Karl Franz Bally has gone to Paris on urgent deal and has seen the pair graceful feminine slipper animalcule, which was its look in one of the shop windows. 

Not in power to conduct the glance from fairy-tale beauty, Karl Franz takes the determining decision to concern with the sewing a footwear. He buy several pairs for its wife and returns in Switzerland to begin soon to master technologies shoe production. Next year two brothers created the company Bally & Co, which specialized on hand fabrication footwear. 

All local shoemakers work on brother Bally. And while they stitch the boots and shoes in their own workshops, brother build the present plant with persisting engineering tools that to put the production a footwear on flow and bolt for Karl Franz Bally reputation one of the first shoe companies in Europe, applicable machine production. 

Friz gradually leaves from deals, but Karl Franz remains the individual owner to companies C. F. Bally. He opens the first shops in Berlin, Basel and Zurich and begins to export the footwear in South America. At the beginning initially 1860-h on its plant toiled more than 500 workers, maintained leading there for time of the technology - a first sewing machines and steam engines, which brought into operation textile tool. 

In 1868 Karl Franz Bally, put on floor-Europe, has built the new factory on production of the rubber-band tapes, has dug through to its factory water channel that turbines could provide work sewing machines MacKay Sole, but between factory has laid the persisting railway. In 1869 Karl Bally has earned its first million swiss franc. Beside Karl Franz Bally was a son Edward, which from childhood shown the interest not as much to footwear as to technology. 

Hardly having ed, Edward went to Great Britain and America - be changed by leading experience with local producer. From trip younger Bally bring american prodigy-technology. In general, company enlarges simply fairy-tale rate: opens the branches on the whole world and builds around native Shonenverd all new factories and syllables. Karl Franz Bally to manage to adjust the mass production a footwear from luxurious material with exquisite decorating. 

Moreover, Karl Franz Bally used all known in that time ways to distributions - aside from shop, which were opened on the whole Europe with verily fairy-tale velocity, Bally carried its product in masses through commercial agents. Due to him footwear from Bally have loved in many city. 

In 1881 Bally opens the door of its first shop in London on fashionable New Bond Street and gains access to british imperial market with their enormous potential. Karl Franz Bally has left from life in eve XX age, having left its sons prosper company with strong reputation and enormous prospect.