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John Galliano

John Galliano fotoJohn Galliano - a british designer, working in genre eclectics and vanguard. Due to revolutionary idea Galliano conservative House Christian Dior has found the second wind and has returned itself bygone popularity. John Galliano is a designer of the own mark of the cloth. He dressed as difficult teenager - an enormous size shorts and sleeveless sports shirt, black beret, enormous medallion on naked bosom and downhill skiing dark spectacles in gilded to setting. 

John Galliano was born in Gibraltar in 1960, and, when John (then Huan Carlos Antonio) was six years, family scrambled over in London. The father its was a plumber, but mother concerned with the children- she taught their dance flamenco on kitchen table and dressed, what recalls Galliano, "on any cause - even simply get to corner". John Galliano - a pet fashionable establishment , one of most influential of the creators of the mode in the world. Eclectic Galliano dressed the many celebrities: from Princess Diana and Keyt Blanched before parody of the primadonna Child Background Tiz. 

On his show in the first row - aiming gallery of the stars: from Nicole Kidman and Demy Mur before Selin Dion and Kristin Scott Thomas. After purpose by creative director first Building Givenchy (1995), but afterwards and Building Dior (1996). Galliano drowns in luxury and does the rate on high-priced femininity. His evening charge, wafted historian, transform the womans in fairy-tale princesses past. Under firework of the striking details, the braiding and cascade laced escapes unexpectedly suitable in carrying, splendid hidden cloth. 

As soon as appeared the financial possibility, designer has realized its old daydream - he created the own House of the Mode. His kingdom was situated indoors one of the former puppet factories London. The collections of the Building Galliano strike originality and boldness. Traditionally these lines of the cloth more skittish, than that that he creates for Dior. The absolute romantic, pining for XVIII age, he creates for present-day day. 

Adores the whims, heaps to valuables, embroideries, fringe, pattern works and in ditto time can cut the idle time a gown so that this will be a limit of the daydreaming. The ungovernable imagination - a feature John Galliano. Undoubtedly, John Galliano - a star of the world mode and must follow the most cruel timetable. His rush about between House Dior and its own and does on twelve collections per annum. 

The glamour infant pop-art, he not only creates the images of the rare beauty, but also possesses the striking human magnetism. The magnetism, forcing models meek to take from it any surprises - even pail of cool water before leaving on podium.