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Jimmy Choo

Jimmy ChooThe footwear Jimmy Choo 
Jimmy Choo - a chinese in nature - was born in 1961 year in Pinang. At birth of the parents give him name Jimmy Choo Young Kit, not suspecting about that that in the future it will become so famous. At present Jimmy Choo is considered one of the most luxurious designer amongst one, produces the amazing handmade footwear. 

The career Jimmi began much years back, when he has with the own hands done the first pair a footwear - then him was whole only eleven years. The later he has entered on training in Technical college Cordwainers' Technical College (this educational institution now is part of London College of the Mode) in London, which finish in 1983 the year - with diploma. Apropos, during education Jimmi tolled as janitor on local factory footwear and simultaneously worked in restaurant. 

Thereby, future designer earned the money on training. In 1986-ohm year - in old building of one of the hospitals Ist-London - Jimmy Choo became to concern with the production a footwear, which much was soon noticed by public and on value is evaluated. Already through several years - in 1988-ohm year - a known journal of the modes has demonstrated the collection a footwear Jimmy Choo and approximately in this length of time amongst client of the designer started to appear the known significant persona (such, as, for instance, princess Diana and many other). 

In 1996 year Jimmy Choo (together with british editor UK Vogue - Tamara Mellon) became cofounder companies Jimmy Choo Ltd., which became one of leading fashionable organization. In 2001 year Jimmy Choo has sold the half to companies - for ten million dollars and thereafter worked solely on making the high-class cloth (produced on licenses of the companies Jimmy Choo Ltd.). This cloth was released under mark Jimmy Choo Ready-To-Wear or simply - Jimmy Choo

Apropos, then Jimmy Choo has increased the own production and began to make the bags, so best, either as its footwear. At present Jimmy Choo lives in London. Today he works on project production shoe skill in Malaysia, where its name is exceedingly popular and background for majority local designer-shoemaker.