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Jean Paul Gautier

Jean Paul GautierJean-Paul Gautier was born in 1952, career of the artist of the fashion began at eighteen years by assistant in Pierre Carden. Worked Jean-Paul Gautier in fashionable House Givenchy and Patou, has then founded the own brand Jean Paul Gautier. Considering one of the best stylist in the world, Jahn-Poul Gautier willingly works in show-business and cinema: he, in particular, was the author provocative dresses for Madonna, created the suits for film of the Luke Besson (''Fifth element''), Peter Greenuea (''Cook, thief, his wife and her lover''), Pedro Almadovar (''Kika'', ''Bad education''). 

Twenty years ago Jean-Paul Gautier has dressed the mans in skirts, fifteen years ago - erected the singer to Madonna conical bosom, and recently - has released the male powder and pomade. The fashionable avant-gardist Jean-Paul Gautier, the last thirty years elegant and has insolently the dressing mans in skirts and corsets, but womans - in sexual striped vests and tuxedoes, now accessible practically everywhere. 

Until now more tender all of Gautier loved the japanese and other near in to ascending sun people - more then half of shops concentrated in Japan and South-east Asia. In shops Jean-Paul Gautier dominates thought of the deserved stylish tightrope walker by Philip Starcom atmosphere of surrealism, where crystal chandeliers are made out of tennis marbles, and the draped easy chair-floor lamp is not intended for sitting. 

The most significant work Jean-Paul Gautier 80-h - a collection, devoted James Bond, the dresses of "Hay-tec" are made from garbage and tins jars, homespun "Paper summer", unisex "Dressed for two", collection "Dadaism", the first corsets appeared in which.