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Irina Selickaya

Irina SelickayaThe footwear Irene Selickaya
Irina Selickaya - a general director of the House of the models of Irina Selickaya. Graduate from artistic faculty of the Moscow technological institute (MTI) on professions "artistic modeling product from skin" in 1982. In 1989 became the main by artistic leader General federal building of the models footwear (ODMO). 

The collections Irene took part in shoe exhibition of the Japan, America, Austria, Italian. She has 15 author's certificates: her design bought american, indian, italian producers footwear. Irene Selickaya has developed the assortment for 40 domestic shoe enterprises and has introduced 500 models footwear with volume of the issue from 10 before 100 thousand pair. 

Under tireless management Selickaya was collected and отреставрирована aiming collection history footwear. Entered in Alliance Designer USSR in 1987, Irina was immediately elected by member of the board Alliance Designer that subsequently helped her to contribute the big contribution to development of its branches. 

In 1992 Irina Selickaya has founded on the base ex-ODMO TOO "Collection", having become by its artistic leader. "Design-school Irina Selickaya" created In 1993. Open in 1994 House of the Models, she has proceed with development collection cloths from textiles and skins, completely equipped by footwear and accessory. The know-how of the House of the Models Irina Selickaya - a work on exotic material, somehow: fur seal, broadtail, pilose cow, skin with chicken paws and other extravagances. 

The exactly Selickaya has got in 1994 exclusive right on introduction in mode new non-traditional material – an piscine of the skin. Her first collection of the cloth, footwear and accessory the present event became from piscine of the skin, which broadly illuminated the central mass media. "I part with idea it is enough easy - than quick from me going one model, that quick will appear following. On background of that profusion of the problems, which surround any russian designer, process creative activity - a present holiday", - confesses Irene. 

Here is already four years young (20 persons) House Models Irina Selickaya covers its attention and artistic circles, and venerable designer, and shoe industry. In plenty experiment in youth themes, she was taken assert the rights proprietress greater sizes. Having started in production long-expected feminine model 40, 41 and 42 sizes, which, apropos, was made in Spain, immediately raged the development of the new assortment to this subjects. 

In nearest "industrial" plan Irina Selickaya - a creation to collections footwear for newborn and doing first steps children: "First steps of my son to be "wearing" in absolutely wrong shoes . The models from my future collection will take into account the anatomical particularities gentile drumstick tots". 

The tale about active to nature Irina Selickaya will be incomplete if we shall forget about that in 1992 Irina has entered in Association stylist to Italian, but in 1997 Committee to National Bonus of the Mode to Russia Government Moscow gave Irina Selickaya diploma to high category for merits before Fatherland in the field of developments of the russian mode and has assigned as the best specialist 1997 "Golden sign quality" - a symbol of the national confession. Most time to create.