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Irina Derkach

  The footwear Irina Derkach
The biography Irina Derkach 
Irina Derkach - a known the designer of footwear. She concerns with the production, creates the models a footwear for collection designer cloths, works with the individual order. 

In 1989 an terminate institute to light industry, faculty construction products from skin. At this point of time and began designer's life Irina Derkach. She worked the artist-designer on shoe factory name G. V. Muhanova, artist-designer on private enterprises on issue baby footwear. 

In 1992 has took part in Russian Fashion Week with collection "Small Moscow". In year created the own workshop, where became to make the footwear for stars of the bandstand, theatre and podium. The new direction aspic Irina Derkach an few serial production. The small collections footwear already enter in fashionable shop of the Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

The shop of the factory "Kit", where is placed production Derkach, continue the issue of the new models. The loafers, and sandals from textiles, natural skin and modern artificial material, executed on new technology, surprise and designer of the cloth, and buyers. The style vintage so typical in this season for footwear, either as for cloth. The lace, buttons, fringe, metal, tree 

The footwear possible to make from what is pleased, considers Irina Derkach, the main - she must be suitable, stylish and time-proof. Even linen spankings, on its opinion, must first grow old morally, but afterwards already abrade. One the more direction of footwear Irina Derkach - striped footwear. Shirt strip, carpet, fancy, contrasting, pastel Even the italian suppliers cheese book itself footwear in Russia: in native Italy of their leg look more graceful.