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Sandals of Giuzeppe Zanotti and Chopard

Sandals Giuzeppe Zanotti and ChopardThe presentation of a collection footwear Giuzeppe Zanotti and Chopard - gentle nice sandals has been lead at the Cannes festival.

The fashionable house of Italy Giuzeppe Zanotti has created best and very expensive shoes in cooperation with jeweller mark Chopard.

In a collection - open barefoot persons of color of a fuchsia on high a thin heel. Such work of art has been appreciated by experts in 180 $ thousand.

shoes Giuzeppe Zanotti and ChopardThe model is decorated with thin chains of gold, brilliants, sapphires and rubies.

Showed these barefoot persons from Giuzeppe Zanotti and Chopard on the foot - Polish top-model Anja Rubik.

The dress with feathers, is executed in blue color with a black handbag, precious barefoot persons - in such kind the model has appeared on action of the Cannes festival.

Model of footwear Giuzeppe Zanotti and Chopard - not the most expensive in the world. But appearance and structure of such footwear allows women of fashion to envy the owner of such footwear.
Giuzeppe Zanotti and Chopard