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Gianni Versace

Gianni VersaceGianni Versace was born in 1946 in small town Reggio di Calabria, in south part of Italy. His father Antonio worked the seller of the home appliances and different technical adjustments. But mother Francesca kept the salon of the cloth. In current poles years, with 18 and before 25, Gianni worked with mother in her atelier, rallying knowledge and experience. 

Afterwards he will say: "Whole that I am aware of mode, I learnt beside its mother". In the childhood Gianni Versace did the cockle from shred fabrics, found in workshop of the ma, and at 9 years created its first evening dress corduroy with opened shoulder. In 1972 Gianni Versace has moved in Milano, where certain time worked with Florentine Flowers, but afterwards with De Parisini from shop Santa Margherita. 

Versace creates several "fluid" year models, which was going with regiment in split second. In 1973 Gianni Versace created its first line Complice, which, however, has not found the developments in the following history of the fashionable house. 1978 - a year opening and achievements. At age 34-h years, in most prime of life, Versace has opened its first inscribed boutique on prestigious Via Spiga in Milano, in which has presented feminine and new production male collection under лейблом Versace

In the capacity of as logotype is choose head of the Medusa Gorgony, heroines of the antique Greek myth, who beauty of the person matched with meandering snake instead of hair, but glance transformed the warrior in stone. 1982 Gianni Versace became the owner of the rank Best designer and awards "Golden thimble" (L'Occhio d'Oro) for collection of the season autumn-winter, in which has brought on podium models, dressed in famous cloths from aluminum net. 

1989 are opened line Atelier Versace, realizing couturier direction of the House. Is it also started in production youth line Versus, which manages the sister Gianni, Donatella. 1990 Versace starts the lines Classic V2 line and Signature, in which presents the simplified versions their own ideas. During showing the collections haute couture have occurred one of the most loud fashionable scandal of the decennial event. Versace has brought on podium jeans! 

This prank sultry italian has literally blasted the world of the mode. At the beginning initially 90-h, after divorce with english prince Charles princess Diana has considered itself free from obligations to carry the cloth only british designer. One of its pet becomes In this time Versace, Diana often appeared on mundane routs in its short, little pretentious dress. 

In 1991 Gianni Versace in the fourth once gets the award "Golden thimble" (L'Occhio d'Oro) as most creative and innovation designer of the male cloth. In 1992 Versace invents splendour an leathers corseted charge with underlined sexuality. As always, he has produced the furor. In 1993 is started line Home Signature - furniture and subjects for building. 

Versace gets american fashionable Oscar - a bonus Vogue/VH1 Fashion Award. The success of the mark on мировом market, intensive advancement brand, image luxury and glamour invariably call attention to itself. In 1994 london newspaper publishes the article, in which is transparent insinuated, as if empire Versace is founded and supported on money of the mafias. Gianni gives in court and wins $150 000 and public apologies. 

1996 already possible to confirm that talent Gianni does the star not only models (the House Versace actively co-operates with Naomi Campbell), but also actresses. Elizabeth Hurley, clever person and beauty, before recent time was in rank of the second-class actresses. But having put on first-night of the film "Four weddings and one burial" black gown, clamped on seam 23 large golden safety pins, she has got on pages mundane chronically ill persons in all publishing, from gloss before yellow presses. 

And glory has not forced itself to wait. 1997. The black year in histories Versace. Gianni was shoot on threshold of its building in Florida, USA, young persons Andrew Cunanan. The motives murder hitherto distinctly are not revelled. Pronounced the various versions: from collision business-interest (here is it not one publishing has recalled the history with mafia 94-go year) before amorous relations (the underclothes was put on murderer from Versace). Gianni to perished at age 51.