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Face of Versace

Face of VersaceThe amongst admirers Versace there is and scores famous people. For a long time Elton John carried the cloth Versace - an usual belongings, decorated diamond or stresses from Swarovski. The other fan of the mark Versace are Maykl Jackson and Elizabeth Hyorli. 

Rep-performer Tupak Shakur (2 ras) has mentioned Versace in canto "Hit 'Em Up", which was an original by answer other reper by name Notorious B.I.G aka Biggie Smalls, which was known its attachment to sun glasses from Versace. Unlike other italian houses of the mode there is "person of" company beside Versace

Sometimes, the company attracts "stars" for removal their own broadly wide-spread advertising announcements. If the other building of the mode get the gate reckon for attention presses, advertising strategy Versace turned out to be on step ahead of. For work as "person of" company invited celebrity gets the money remuneration and in token thanks she presents the cloth from Versace

For instance, for participation in advertising campaign Versace 2005 Madonna has earned 10,5 mln. doll. and has obtained the right on free reception of the branded cloth Versace during 2-h years. "Persons of" company Versace were a Madonna (1995 and 2005 gg.), Demo of the Rubbishes, Britney Spears and Cristina Agilera. 

In season "springtime/summer 2006" "person" Versace became the Holly Berry. In advertising campaign "autumn/winter 2006/7" took part models Kerolayn Merfi, Angela Lindvell, Grant Verbovy, Kristi Terlington.