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Face of company

For today, at present amongst system workers of the shoemaking industry of the Ukraine to west measure - no large companies. The large on russian shoes market is considered company, turn which 40-60 mln. dollars, in Germany 500 mln. dollars, in America - 2,5 mlrd. In Ukraine of these numeral much less. 

As a rule, all producers in Ukraine are oriented on average segment market footwear. The truth, inwardly this segment exists certain division a rival: at the average and fair-high price range and at the average and fair-cheap. 

Face of company - a first factor to her popularity. If producer wants to enlarge its value on fashion - a market or get greater profit, he not long think about will do the person of its companies known personality: movie actress, singer or representative from local high society. 

As a rule, the persons of the foreign shoe companies get film stars or stars of the bandstand. In Ukraine of no so greater shoe companies to use exactly such method of acquisition to popularity, but in the future this trend must change.