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Donatella Versace

Donatella VersaceAfter death of the founder of the House Gianni, the company has its sister Donatella Versace, she has undertaken management a House Versace. She also, how as brother, was born in Reggio di Calabria, Italy, in 1959 In spite of all the difference in the world at age (Donatella for 13 years younger Gianni), beside brother with sister were very close-fitting relations, and Gianni named even sister by its muse. 

She began as designer accessory, afterwards concerned with the baby line Versace Young. Afterwards became the designer to youth line Versus. Many close friends, including Georgia Armani, have supported Donatella, accept participation in the first show, which passed after death Gianni. The world of the mode has taken Donatella as enjoying full rights designer. 

However, during 98 and 99 gg. selling the House Versace carrions. And all to 2000 Versace have restored the volume of sales. The star Donatella ascend. At the following two years tanned girl with platinum hair has been able to make the present feat. Donatella started to perceive as independent successful designer of the mode, rather then only as younger sister storied Gianni. 

At the end 2002, of london Victoria and Albert Museum has organized the beautiful exposure the most memorable garb from Gianni Versace. The exhibition used the big success, its has visitted several thousand people. Holding of exhibitions in London to inspire Donatella to abandon to defile during Milano Weeks of the mode. 

Instead of this she has made chamber show to collections from 10 beautiful evening charges haute couture season springtime-summer 2003 in boutique Versace in Paris. The evening passed much economical for Versace: charge were demonstrate mannequin. The talebearers immediately зашептали about financial problem of the House, but favorable critics of the mode have noted that such form to presentations to collections have allowed the guest and journalist to consider work atelier nearby, look over with all sides and even feel. 

That on usual show absolutely impossible. On show possible was get only on special invitations. The spared money Donatella Versace has donated on charity. Donatella Versace has fittingly having continued the household deal and presently works along with its дочкой Allegra, which turned out to be the direct heiress of the fashionable house Versace.