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Dima Bilan

Dima BilanThe designer Dima Bilan Lena Lenskaya do some sewing suits "three musketeers" on "Eurovision - 2008". But after all little who knows that Elena Lenskaya was born on Ukraine in 1971. Graduate from cool graphic arts, Kiev state university and Moscow open university. 

The world Elena Lenskaya - a world, feasible fantasy, tenderness and passions, quivering love of to nature, colour and creek and flippant pulling to recalcitrance, overthrow canon. 

This world, in which interlaced the different history sources and layers: fairy-tale, feasible mystics and slipping away secrets googols village be near in him with "megalopolis", with its artificially found out by culture of the person, "fastened on all buttons" and eternal internal protest. 

Can exactly because of immense of the fantasies and figments of the designer Dima Bilan and has noted it from all rest. Interesting is and that fact that size footwear Dima Bilan - 42. on "Eurovision - 2008" beside brides Dima Bilan (curiously enough too Elena) got lost baggage and so girl happened to be dressed in high-priced belongings singer. 

But, much strange, really Lena so large girl that her to a tee Dima belongings and even footwear! She such not at all seems. But all at night sweetheart Dima Bilan already walked on city in tank top, jeans and sneakers of the famous winner "Eurovision - 2008".