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Designer of footwear

Design is a creative method, process and result artistic-technical planning of industrial wares, their complexes and systems, oriented on achievement most full correspondence to the created objects and environment on the whole to possibilities and necessities of man, as utilitarian, so and aesthetic. 

The design of footwear is creative activity, which purpose is a determination formal qualities of footwear. These qualities include and external lines: sole, heel, material, decorations, but mainly those structured and functional intercommunications, which transform the product in united integer both with standpoint of the consumer, and from point of manufacturer. The design of footwear tries to cover all aspects surrounding person of the environment, which is conditioned by industrial production. 

The design of footwear is a creative process of the creation of footwear, in which an aesthetics defines the exterior, and technologies - are a method of making footwear. This notion subdivided on:
  - an artistic design of footwear - a making the outward world especially with standpoint of the aesthetics of the perception (the external manifestations of the form); 
 - a technical aesthetics - a science about the design of footwear, considering all aspects, and first of all construction (early stage of becoming ), functionality (average), conformity of its production, exploitations, utilizations and etc. (modern understanding). In the middle of age in a professional lexicon for denotation of concept  "the industrial design of footwear" was used in condition industrial production. Thereby underlined his indissoluble connection with an industrial production and with an industrial production and specified significance of term design of shoe

And many of treatises on histories of the design of that time in headline contained elaborating "the industrial design of footwear". Then at the end of age design-artistic activity in area of industrial shaping to name more briefly - "the design of footwear". Somewhat this is bound and with that that society has entered in phase postindustrial and have occurred significant change and in objectives "industrial design footwear". 

The designer of footwear - a person, which is engaged in the design of shoe. Today the design of footwear became so actual that for designer simple not to keep an eye on. So it becomes necessary to know anymore about of famous the designer of footwear appeared therefore.