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Christian Louboutin

Christian LouboutinThe footwear Christian Louboutin 
Christian Louboutin was born in 1963 in Paris, their own first shoe he created at 16 years. In spite of passion to footwear, the designer never forgot about theatre. "Nobody does not carry the footwear so, as dancer on scene", - loves to repeat Christian in their own multiple interview. 

The exactly veil, decorating executor dance belly, inspired couturier on creation famous velvet pump with drapes reticulum and tassel around ankle. Since 18 years Christian Louboutin learned by Charles Gurdan, was a free-lance employee for Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. 

In 1988 Louboutin engineer provocative type pump - an egg that all concentrated attention on the most voluptuous, as he considers, but before this ignored, a part of the feminine leg - internal bend foots. "I love the deep neckline on pump, - speaks Christian. - Show the part an finger-licking legs - it is incredible sexually. I do not dress the woman, I attempt its undress". 

In 1991 he has opened own shop in Passage Vero-Dodat in Paris, which much was soon loved mundane Parisian, visiting located on proximity antique commissaries. Christian Louboutin always does the sole shoe brightly-scarlet, this acceptance he names "follow me". On legend, during show Louboutin has seen that in one employee nail by make up red bark Chanel. 

In the same second he has understood that if will cover such bark sole туфель, that this beautifully supplement with its models. Since, the red sole became the visiting card of the fashionable building. "Brilliant red soles do not carry other functions - they simply are indicative of that that these loafers my", - declares Christian. Recently Louboutin applied to american and british patent office with request to register redden sole as trade mark. 

"His shoes - the most beautiful from that that are submitted for the market, I specially crossbreed the legs, when sit that people could see the scarlet soles", - noticed the great actress Elizabeth Taylor. In 1996 Christian Louboutin created the collection a footwear "Lucite". Her discriminating particularity become transparent heels, in which were incarcerate floral petal and different subjects. 

For its clients - a french move star Ariel Dombal - Christian has concluded in heel amorous letter from its husband-philosopher, strand hair and feather. "His footwear unique, but each model is similar to jewel" - loved to repeat Ariel. Inter alias its client Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Monaco Karolyn, Katrina Denev, Sheer and new-york designer Diana halitosis Furstenberg. 

Presently in plan of the designer Christian Louboutin creation to own perfume line. "Touch wood, but I since the most first day loved the life, - speaks Christian. - Sometimes I kiss itself, their own hands and cysts and think, about that that me much lucky to become such happy persons".