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Christian Dior

Christian DiorThe footwear Christian Dior 
Christian Dior, the second child from five children, was born the January 21 1905 in Granville, former fishing port ashore La-Mansh. His father has done the condition on trade chemical fertilizers, but mother transformed the money in pleasures. Future designer already in adolescence entrain by drawing, dreamed to become the great artist, but parents intended the son a quarry diplomat. 

After imperative requests full-grown, Christian Dior surrendered and entered in Free school of the political sciences. However on this his political activity and ended. Instead of occupation on international law and geographies, future stylist spent time in museum, learned the music composition and painting. In total Christian Dior and his friend Jan Bonjak in 1928 have opened the artistic galley, where were exposed work Sod, Matissa, Marriage, Picasso. 

But happiness not fated was last always. At years of the economic crisis father Dior, financed galley, was ravaged, and enterprise happened to close. The flipping through pages to biographies now already storied stylist, wonder his tenacity, optimism and skill to try back on nonentities. After multiple muddles, only in 7 years Christian Dior returns in artistic world. 

On advice friends he prepares the drawings for French fashionable journal and quickly conquers popularity. Soon future stylist gets acquainted with Pige, beside which Christian Dior year works the designer. But stubborn fate newly deprives the good luck. Dior call in army. And in the third once future master begins with zero: once again journals, once again work by designer... Only in 42 Dior manages, finally, show its true person. 

The first showing the models passed in detached house on avenue Monten on opening of the building of the mode Dior. The delayed waistlines, high lifted splendid bust, small round shoulder, skirts before ankle, or direct, or rather broad - here is main line his first collection, which boldly tears with heritage brought high mode, developed aside informality and functionality. Seemed, new silhouette, named new look, frightened the buyer, got accustomed for years Second world to short skirt and square coat, but happened on the contrary. 

Tired from restrictions and poverties parisians with delight have taken the collection. With 1947 on 1957, thinking up two collection miscellaneous per annum, Christian Dior continued to shock the public. The names line cut the fame: "Corolla", "Cyclone", "Vertical", "Tulip". This was an images, which public waited and feared. The footwear, brings the exquisite look "Dior" before perfection. Thereby, to medium 50-h Dior leads the persisting empire, became by recognized leader in the world luxury. 

Christian Dior was died in 1957. Shortly before death, the anxious future High Mode, which seemed Christian Dior in the first place laboratory ideas, he wrote: "Arising the High Mode possible to justify two reasons. First of all, this - a treasure neighborly handicraftsman. She overtakes its time, she absolutely new, exactly she will define tomorrow mode Paris, mode of the world. From stylist she will move over to shops, will afterwards reach the producers of the ready cloth, but will from there seize the shop windows and streets. 

The press, radio, cinema, television try to accelerate her advancement onward. Through several months great migration modes will commit. And then each depending on their own facilities "to adapt" or if you want, become fashionable". If other glorious name of the High mode synonyms stiletto, that Dior - an expression to whole magic of the mode and her abilities to rebirth.