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Charles Jourdan

Charles JourdanCharles Jourdan was born in 1883 and worked in workshop on раскрою product from skin, but at free time took the quotient orders on sewing footwear. In 1919 Charles Jourdan has opened the own production, but in 1921 founded the factory in own city Ramane. 

To sell the footwear Charles Jourdan organizes the army a merchant-traveller, which trade its handmade footwear on the whole France, but he, in turn, supports their nation-wide advertising campaign that in that years was a rarity. In 1939 factory Charles Jourdan produces 400 pairs daily. 

In 1947 its sons enter in company management, and he leaves from management deals, continuing visit the factory and work as mercenary worker. To 1948 volumes of production goes up to 900 pairs at day. In 50-e company Charles Jourdan begins to sell the footwear in Great Britain and year later opens the office of the sale in New York in Empire State Building. 

In 1957 was opened parisians boutique, which success has formed the queue on street, and buyers got the small room to their could cause first freed seller. Has then followed the opening a butyl in London and Munich. The company also begins to think up, produce and sell the footwear under mark Dior. 

In 1971 shoe american giant Genesco has bought the share in companies Charles Jourdan that has vastly increased the trade network of the company. In 1976 be dead founder to companies at age 93. In 2004 main by designer of the mark became Patrick Coke - famous canadian, who the English consider its national designer.