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Low boots autumn 2008

Catalogue of low boots autumn 2008
The notwithstanding waiting expert, the predicted completion of the epoch glamour in shoe mode already in season autumn-winter 2008 - 2009, women's footwear continues to remain bright, striking and brilliant. As before actual lacquered of the skin, black colour, high heels in combination with platform and exquisite, bijouterie of the type decor. Alongside with black and brown color gamut (last solely in dark tone) in women's mode entered the new palette, including all variety tone from red before blue. 

low boots autumn 2008The dominate low boots mauve, cerise and plum, as well as saturated violet. Their brightness and eccentricity is emphasized trick effects of the decorating of the skin, such, as gradual transition tone jackboot from more dark to more light or rare uneven heel-blots on solid background. 

Black low bootsAs to material, that majority of the skins as before brilliant. The dominate all the manner of bark: smooth, rumpled, stamped, reaped, inflicted on smooth or invoiced surface. From novelty - three-colored jackboots - a chameleons, changing tone under miscellaneous corner. 

Suede low bootsHowever all more often begin be used contrasting combinations of the invoices: same varnish with smooth by skin, textiles and particularly velour. Moreover jackboots sewing from pile of the skin wholly, but varnish is used only as decorating. Also back into mode velour or split with laser covering or holographic effect. Certainly, either as always in autumn mode dominate the boots that, however, not surprising - an ideal footwear for is frozen-slushy season. 

Low bootsBut low boots - just a cover ankle will carry that woman of fashion, which want to look very much beautifully. The autumnal season has graphically demonstrated that age round toe parts "was brief". The majority of the models women's footwear with acute or brown figurative toe already. The brown figurative toe jackboots - as aflat cut off, so and lopped - look like pig's snout ballet pointes. 

But acute toes of a part shoetree - without big decorative allowance, natural amount, with light roundedness on most tip or asymmetric form, remind page. As to cut, that this autumn classics is make room, ceding place to whimsical forms in effect high-tech. Than unusually and in an original - so much the better! One, prefers the footwear without heel (but low boots such are can not), costs to turn its attention on somewhat rough models with abundance clasp, rivets, lightning and lacing.