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Footwear of Any Lorak

Any LorakAny Lorak big fan of fashionable and beautiful things. She loves to look not simply beautifully, but charming and herewith does not look at costs of time, power and money herewith. In 2008 Any Lorak has emerged on "Eurovision - 2008", where has occupied the second place. 

Dialect about its trip, Any Lorak has noticed: - Want there to strike each day! Only, the footwear 15 pairs shall take. But else embellishment, make-up... The gown from Roberto Kavalli, in which shall emerge, bring straight in Belgrade. Its presently finish sewing - there much handmade, stone Svarovsky. 

Except this on question in next in turn interview: from what in house you without regret disposed, Any Lorak with confidence answers: "From shoe box. I try to keep the footwear in box, but me feels, when she without packing - open the cloakroom and immediately see, what pair footwear I more approach under one or another garb. 

But boxes beside me is kept much long. I and itself do not know why! Think: "let lies, is useful". Can be, once upon a time i shall even so manage from them to dispose one stroke." The ukrainian singer Any Lorak strikes its external glance all surrounding. No wonder that even president of the Ukraine Viktor Juschenko has said: "Ukrainian girls the most beautiful all over the world".