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Alena Oleynik

Алена Олейник ФОТОThe footwear are Alena Oleynik
Alena Oleynik is a talented ukrainian designer of footwear. Her models differ the especial stylish and creative liberty. But all collections, glad and little ironical. The two early collections are Alena Oleynik were created in stiletto Art-casual, which personifies itself images of the bright creative people, which sometimes possible meet on street of the city and which always pleasantly select from common of the mass. 

This cloth, which can be simultaneously and everyday and natty, glamour, depending on moods or accessory. For making collection designer Alena Oleynik uses only natural fabrics, fine wool in hutch or strip, silk, pat, flax in different variations. Often uses prints, applications works and embroidery as addenda to models or, opposite, as bright accent in image collection. 

The silhouettes, as a rule, very ladylike, often deliberately close-fitting coats or blouses combine with three-dementional skirt or enormous width trousers that else more emphasizes femininity and tenderness. The modern decennial event, probably, the most favourable for creative activity, exactly in this time was opened enormous field to activity, both for woman of fashions, and for designer. 

The most varied details and silhouettes, collected with the whole previous century are used in modern model, but some designers have mended further out. What considers the designer is Alena Oleynik, presently in vogue all merry and reckless. With the lightness and irony combine most, it seemed, not combined belongings. But, of course, amongst the whole this varieties there are their own favorites in each season, as that shorts or mini-skirts, or preferences in colour scheme, tone, as, for instance yellow, blue, green colour, or sea themes. 

The main condition - be an safely and attentive to itself, and you will always be inimitable. The studio of the cloth and stiletto are Alena Oleynik develops the style, creates the cloth and accessories. It Is Alena Oleynik will create the image, which will emphasize your beauty and individuality, for any event of the life.